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  • We support social enterprise community projects across the UK Read more
  • 518,000 students run or plan to run a business while at University Read more
  • Student enterprises generate revenues of £913 million per year Read more
  • We offer new degree level apprenticeships Read more
  • In 2015 we were one of the Times Top 50 Employers for Women for the forth year Read more
  • We are a leading contributor to UK universities with four brand new initiatives Read more

Did you know?

Corporate Induction, Carlton Park 12/09/2017

“Disruption, don’t fear it!” Newly arrived graduates and apprentices discover how Innovation is shaping Santander’s future

The three day onsite induction for grads and apprentices gave everyone joining the business a chance to fully understand the breadth of activity undertaken at the bank. No division more clearly highlights the forward thinking ways in which Santander seeks to help people and businesses prosper than Innovation.

“Disruption, don’t fear it!” this was the message to graduates and apprentices. Santander’s innovation is led by a desire to more quickly and successfully deliver customer needs, a movement driven by consumer expectations and technological advancement. All developments are led by a need to be convenient, quick and customer controlled and many exciting innovations recently developed by the collaborative innovation team are already offering great benefit to a variety of small business customers.

As Santander seeks to continue to evolve its customer offering and consistently remain at the forefront of innovative approaches to solving customer problems, engaging with the incoming emerging talent at the bank is crucial to this future success.

The three day induction for the incoming grads and apprentices aims to help shape their approach to understanding what opportunities remain available throughout their time at Santander.

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Student finances and Santander’s 123 Student Current Account

As freshers’ week comes to a close and the dust settles on most UK university campuses newly arrived undergraduates will turn their attentions to their studies and life away from home. For many, this will be the first undertaking of independent living and carries with it new responsibilities and opportunities.

Having taken on the responsibility of significant borrowing in order to pursue higher education, student finances remain more important than ever. Making sure that student loans stretch throughout the academic year will become a familiar concern for most and identifying the right student current account is crucial to managing personal finances. recently announced that Santander’s 123 Student Current Account offers the best deal for students and highlighted the inclusion of a free four-year 16-25 Railcard as a significant bonus.

This significant saving should give students the chance to visit friends and head home a little more often, as well as saving much needed funds for a late night pizza after an evening at the union!

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Santander announced at 55th in 2017 Times Top 100

Santander is delighted to have again featured prominently in the Times Top 100 list of graduate employers for 2017.

Featuring at 55, a further increase on last year’s ranking of 63, the Times Top 100 ranks the UK’s most sought after and prestigious graduate employers, as voted for independently by final year students. Rankings are compiled from over 18,000 interviews with finalists based on their response to the question “Which employer do you think offers the best opportunities for graduates?”

This continued rise up the rankings is a direct reflection of how recent graduates perceive Santander as a much sought after employer of choice.

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2017 Rate My Placement 100 sees Santander climb to 80th

Santander has been announced as the 80th best undergraduate employer by Rate My Placement in their annual ranking of the top 100 undergraduate employers across all sectors.

The ranking is based on reviews submitted on by students who have worked at companies in the previous academic year. All reviews are completely impartial and cover the day-to-day role, the company, the student’s responsibilities and social opportunities in the area they were based.

Over 7,000 reviews were used to compile the rankings and Santander’s position in this entirely student configured list is a clear reflection of the high regard in which students hold the range of emerging talent programmes at Santander.

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Susan Allen, Head of Retail Distribution, welcomes incoming graduates and apprentices

Last week saw the arrival of grads and apprentices to Carlton Park, Leicester, for a three day induction into their future roles at Santander. Arriving at the business to begin their careers, this ensured a comfortable and smooth introduction to the workplace for the incoming group.

An exciting opening to the first day saw two of last year’s apprentices interview Susan Allen on stage in front of the assembled cohort. As an ExCo member and sponsor of the graduate programme Susan remains very close to the success of emerging talent at Santander and was delighted to be on hand to answer questions and give an insight into her career.

In her current role as Head of Retail Distribution Susan sees at first hand the importance of every one of Santander’s close to 20 thousand employees living and breathing the values of the business in their work to help people and businesses prosper. With the stated aim of being in the top 3 banks in every territory where Santander operates, Susan was keen to stress how delivering a service that is Simple, Personal and Fair is as relevant to the incoming grads and apprentices as it is to senior executives, branch managers, customer advisors or product developers.

A question and answer session with the audience gave everyone the chance to ask Susan more about her career and what they can expect from Santander, before moving on to begin an innovative series of sessions designed to prepare them for their future careers. Santander seeks to reward those who, like Susan, have sought out new opportunities, challenged themselves and helped the bank to grow in partnership with its customers. The graduates and apprentices beginning their careers at Santander have much to look forward to and plenty of challenges await!

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We're the first bank to allow payments using just your voice

We have become the first bank in the UK to enable customers to make payments using their voice.

Following our launch of the “voice assistant banking” technology in 2016, we have revamped the iPhone version of our SmartBank app so that it now allows account holders to use voice commands to check their balance as well as authorise payments to existing payees.

In order to use the feature, users need to log into the app and command the voice assistant to make a payment to previous payees.

Ed Metzger, head of technology innovation at Santander, said: “The worlds of technology and banking continue to evolve at pace, working hand in hand to deliver a friction-free user experience.

We are excited to be the first UK high street bank to enable customers to make payments using just their voice, offering them another channel of choice in how they wish to bank.”

The new technology is being piloted on the iOS version of the official app, and follows the introduction of what we call voice assistant banking last year, which enabled users to ask the app questions about spending habits.

“Appetite for simple, intuitive banking solutions has grown significantly in recent years,” Mr Metzger said.

“This pioneering technology has huge potential to become an integral part of the future banking experience, playing a transformational role in the industry and redefining how customers choose to manage their money.”

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Santander employees raised over £1 Million for Age UK & Barnado's

Santander employees across the UK have raised more than £1.1 million for the bank's
charity partners Age UK and Barnardo's through fundraising events during 2016.

Following an all staff vote, Age UK and Barnardo's were selected to be Santander's charity partners from 2016 - 2018 with the bank aiming to raise £3 million over the three-year period.

Throughout 2016, bank employees raised funds through a range of activities. These included going retro for the 'A Twist in Time' launch event at the beginning of the year, and then taking to the roads, tracks and waterways for the Flame Relay in June, a race across the UK using a variety of modes of transport.

"We've been overwhelmed by the support from Santander staff in the first year of this partnership with Age UK and Barnardo's. The generosity and commitment has been truly remarkable and is vital to helping both charities change lives. We're thrilled to be continuing our partnership for the next two years."
Forbes Mutch
Head of Corporate Partnerships at Barnardo's

Later in the year teams embarked on the Isle Challenge; went head-to-head in Store Wars; travelled to South Africa to build houses for AIDS orphans; and donned their favourite festive-wear at Christmas. In addition, staff also organised balls, karting races, quizzes, treasure hunts and various sporting challenges.

Volunteering has also played an important part in the partnership activity. Over 50 Santander employees signed up to make regular friendship calls on Age UK's "Call in Time" programme; staff gave workshops on topics including digital skills, fraud awareness and financial capability to schools and local community groups; and over 60 volunteering days, known as Discovery Days, took place with staff helping in their local communities.

Santander's staff voted to support Age UK and Barnardo's to help transform the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people at each end of the age spectrum. Regardless of age, isolation, loneliness and a lack of opportunity can be crippling to mental health and wellbeing, and can prevent any chance of living an enjoyable and independent life. The funds raised through the partnership will help to enable Age UK and Barnardo's to be there for younger and older people when no one else is.

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We're dedicated to hiring from the armed forces

We have always been dedicated to supporting the hiring of people from the armed forces and their families. And this was strengthened in 2016 when Vicky Wallis, HR Director signed the armed forces covenant, which is Santander UK’s promise to ensure those who serve or have served, and their families, are treated fairly.

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We're one of The Times Top 100 Graduates Employers for 2016-17

Employing almost 5,000 people, we were judged as the highest new entry in this year’s Times Top 100 Graduate employers coming in at number 64! The prestigious rankings, now in their eighteenth year, are based on research among more than 18,300 final year students who left university this year. The students are asked which employers they feel offer the best opportunities for graduates, with the feedback used to compile the top 100 list.

Iain Gallagher, Emerging Talent Senior Manager at Santander, said: “We’re delighted to be included in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers and even more so because it’s feedback directly from the graduates themselves. It’s really important for us to appeal to young talent from all walks of life, so it’s great that we’ve been rated so highly by UK graduates.”

Anthony Alvarado joined the Santander Graduate programme in September 2009 and worked through the various branch roles which lead to a promotion as a Branch Director. Most recently he has been selected to join the Santander Future Leaders Programme and is currently working in Technology and Operations at the Milton Keynes office.

Anthony said: “The Graduate scheme has helped me to develop into the Branch Director Role today by giving me a structure to follow to achieve my career ambitions. It has both supported and driven me to accelerate my growth in the company and without it I don’t think I would be in this position.”

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We support social enterprise community projects across the UK

For the first time, one of the UK`s leading banks is partnering with a Crowdfunding platform in an innovation collaboration to support social enterprises and community projects across the UK. Inspirational community projects looking to support social change are now able to present their ideas on and unlock matched funding of up to £10k from Santander`s new Changemaker fund.

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518,000 students run or plan to run a business while at University

Almost a third (30 per cent) of students - equivalent to 518,372 in total - currently run or plan to run a business while they are still at university according to new research from Santander Universities. These findings represent a 38 per cent increase on the 375,000 budding student entrepreneurs recorded in 2015.

Did you know?

Student enterprises generate revenues of £913 million per year

Amongst those that have already started a business, the average turnover is £13,213 per annum, equivalent to a collective £913 million(3) and almost double the £478 million turnover from last year’s research. Technology-based solutions (22 per cent) and arts or crafts (18 per cent) are the most common type of student venture. These are followed by clothing and textiles, tutoring and administration services (all at eight per cent). The research, commissioned by Santander Universities to support their sixth annual Entrepreneurship Awards, which recognise and support student entrepreneurs from across the UK, reveals the most common reason for students to start a business or joint venture is to pursue a hobby or personal interest (70 per cent). This is followed by financial motivation (58 per cent), and work experience (26 per cent). Students are aiming high with ambitious plans for growth. Almost half of all student entrepreneurs (46 per cent) expect their turnover to increase by up to 50 per cent over the next five years, with an additional 10 per cent aiming for a 250 per cent increase in turnover.

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We offer new degree level apprenticeships

At Santander we recognise that people follow many different employment paths and the extension of our apprenticeship programme to Degree Level provides yet another route into a banking career. We want to attract talented people from all walks of life, and joining as an apprentice gives people the chance to earn and learn at the same time. Studying for a degree while developing their career has strong appeal to candidates who want to quickly gain professional experience and this new programme is a great opportunity for anyone looking to build digital skills.

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In 2015 we were one of the Times Top 50 Employers for Women for the forth year

We have been named in The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2015, which lists the UK organisations that are leading on workplace gender equality. In its fifth year, the 2015 awards are published in partnership with Opportunity Now, the workplace gender campaign from Business in the Community, during Business in the Community’s Responsible Business Week. At Santander we constantly look to advance our diversity programme and offer a range of benefits that support female employees including flexible working, childcare voucher scheme and mentoring. Earlier this year, our Santander Breakthrough programme which supports ambitious SMEs with a range of specialist products and services, announced a dedicated programme of support for female entrepreneurs to help us scale our activity.

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We are a leading contributor to UK universities with four brand new initiatives

We have recently announced the launch of four new initiatives and an additional £1.6 million in funding for Santander Universities. Our 4 key initiatives will focus on:

  • An expanded internships scheme to improve employability – we will now provide 3,250 internships for students to gain experience in the SME sector through providing £3.25 million in funding.
  • Scaled-up Entrepreneurship Awards – Our research from earlier this year showed that 30% of students currently run or plan to run a business while they are still at university. The Awards support and encourage university students and recent graduates to pursue their business ideas through a national pitching competition to identify the best businesses from Santander Universities' 81 partner universities.
  • A new fund for Widening Participation - £400,000 fund to support Widening Participation with the aims to help tackle the barriers, both social and economic, that still prevent too many people from fulfilling their educational potential. 
  • Santander Cycles on University campuses - From 2017, we will be working with our University partners to expand the popular Santander Cycles scheme, this supports Santander's goal to invest in local communities, helping to provide greater mobility to people.

Santander UK Chief Executive, Nathan Bostock said: "I am proud to say that Santander has become a true partner to the Higher Education sector over the last ten years… More than ever, we recognise the need to help young people capitalise on their skills, their ideas and their potential."

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