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If you’re in your penultimate year of university study and you’re looking to realise your future, we have an internship for you. With a diverse range of business areas, it’s the perfect place to gain knowledge and experiences while showing off your existing skills to some of the most engaging colleagues in the business.

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Meet our interns

  • Bryan Yau

    Finance Intern,
    Accounting Financial
    Management and
    Informatics University
    of Sheffield

    "The Santander internship appealed to me because the bank is a genuine global brand with a powerful reach in the UK. The steep growth of the company was also a factor, as I knew this would provide a perfect platform for learning and development.

    The internship has lived up to expectations as I’ve had the chance to take on a large amount of responsibility – far more than I would have expected. The great thing is that you get to undertake tasks that have real impact and value for the company. For example, I contributed to the preparation of the half year financial report. That involves intense attention to detail and structured organisation to produce a document of the upmost quality.

    Even when I’m not on such a big project, I always arrive into to work with plenty of tasks to get on with. These tend to be very varied, so every day is different – I expect new challenges all the time. I’ve also found meetings really insightful, whether that’s with the other members of the finance floor or with colleagues from different

    Even when I’m not on such a big project, I always arrive into to work with plenty of tasks to get on with. These tend to be very varied, so every day is different – I expect new challenges all the time. I’ve also found meetings really insightful, whether that’s with the other members of the finance floor or with colleagues from different departments.

    I really enjoyed networking with like-minded interns.

    Another really useful experience was the intern development day in Leicester.  All of the interns came together, giving us an opportunity to network and participate in engaging development sessions. I got to speak to interns from completely different departments, which gave me a better picture of the processes and dynamics of the business as whole.

    I’ve also had my eyes opened to the importance of the culture of the Bank. Its people are highly driven and motivated, which I think plays a key part in the success of the company. I always knew you would need hard skills such as such as technical ability. But now I can see the importance of softer qualities, such as communication skills, confidence, tenacity and adaptability. With the enriching and insightful experience, I would love to come back again on a graduate scheme."

  • Emma Wallwork

    Human Resources Intern,
    English Language,
    University of Lancaster

    “Unlike most Interns, I already knew Santander before I started my placement − I’d worked here part-time as a cashier from the age of 16. I really enjoyed this role, so I saw an internship as an ideal next step towards a full time job after graduating.

    Of course, an internship in the Human Resources division is very different to my time as a cashier. I’ve had the chance to work on lots of different projects, and gain exposure to many different areas.  It really helped that my manager discussed the different elements of the role with me initially. This enabled her to focus my time on tasks that I would enjoy and learn the most from.

    A typical day begins with checking emails and responding. Then I have an ever changing list of things to do (although it does usually include a meeting or a dial-in). I’ll also have a chat with my manager to check if there’s anything new she wants me to do.

    To give you an idea of the sort of duties involved, I’ve been working on lots of internal communications, such as writing articles about Diversity and Engagement.  Perhaps the most memorable task was supporting the CSR department with assigning donations to different charities – it was really rewarding to know that countless people would end up benefitting from our support. I’ve also contributed to the bank’s Travel Free Week Initiative, which launches in the autumn.

    This project is very exciting and challenging, especially as it is part of a much larger project that’s focused on changing the way we work - it genuinely affects everyone at the bank, nationwide. There have been plenty of difficulties and changes along the way, which has been very insightful as I’ve learned about dealing with and managing change.

    I find the atmosphere is very relaxed and people are always willing to help.

    I’ve also learned a lot about the importance of teamwork and communication skills – you have to be confident when interacting with different people. Good time management is a must too if you want to get your tasks done on time.

    From my experiences on the internship, I can definitely say I want a place on the graduate scheme. The programme looks very interesting and the development opportunities are great. I can see that Santander really values its people, which is very encouraging for a future career."

Our benefits

Our investment in our interns helps us to identify and develop our future leaders, so you can expect us to truly listen to your big ideas and ambitions to make them happen. And since we're committed to being the best bank for our people, you can expect plenty of recognition and rewards for your contributions- including:

5 Days paid annual leave

A minimum of the national living wage

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Your learning and development

  • Introduce yourself

    Over our structured 10-week programme you’ll quickly gain a real insight into working with us in a supportive corporate environment. That will start with a tailored induction. Then before you know it you will know all the key people, processes and information about the area you’ll be working in.

  • Start networking

    You will interact with a variety of stakeholders during your internship. Some will be previous graduates and interns – so make sure you take the opportunity to ask questions. What’s more, you’ll have the support of a dedicated line manager throughout the programme, along with an intern buddy to support you even before you join.

  • Develop skills

    From the very first day you will be supported with the training you need to work in your specific area. It’s a blended learning model, which will include webinars, 121s and on-the-job experiences – supported by formalised documents to capture your growth. And to further develop your personal skills you’ll also have access to our learning portal, which is an online gateway to a vast array of skills and information in a range of areas.

  • Participate in projects

    You’ll make a real difference and share your ideas by taking part in a live business or Corporate Social Responsibility project. You may even have the opportunity to present to our Leadership Team – who’ll be keen to get an insight into your experiences.

  • Review your time here

    We need your voice and opinions on your experience! Tell us how you found your time and how we could make it better. Along with the review from your manager we’ll ask you to review your internship experience too so any feedback, both positive and negative, would be great for helping us to improve the process. In return, you can expect plenty of feedback on your own strengths, weaknesses and progress throughout the programme.

  • Progress

    Whatever your ambitions, our commitment is to supporting you in realising your future. That could mean finding an entry-level role in your area, re-evaluating your career or accepting an offer to join our highly sought-after graduate programme.

Realise your future.

Our 10-week paid internships are the ideal place to gain experience, build a network
of colleagues and get paid while you do. What’s more you could return to university
with an offer to return for our graduate programme!

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