Santander Emerging Talent

Hints & Tips to support
you during your application
with Santander


Hints & Tips to support
you during your application
with Santander


Application Process

We want to give you as much information as we can to support you during your application with Santander.

Applying to start your journey with us

There’s nothing we enjoy more than helping talented people fulfil their potential, offering a great choice of programmes put together to help you shine. So, once you’ve chosen the one that’s right for you, watch our short animation below for step-by-step guidance on how to apply for your place.

If I’m successful, do you provide feedback?

We are lucky that we get a high number of people interested in our programmes. This does mean that we cannot guarantee detailed feedback at every application stage. However, we do aim to give feedback to everyone who reaches the interview or assessment centre stages.

Is it possible to apply for more than one scheme at a time?

If there is more than one scheme you are interested in that is great. It is best to liaise with our Recruitment team should you want to look at multiple schemes. We always recommend you to have a clear idea on what you want, so we can advise how Santander can support that.

If my application is unsuccessful, when can I next apply?

Should you want to apply for another role in Santander you can do this at any point, but if you wish to reapply for the same scheme you’ll need to wait six months.

With apprenticeships, it’s different as they are all at different levels and become available at different times through the year so you can apply to these without having to wait.

The Assessment Centre

This will give us the opportunity to see you in action as well as show you what to expect from working for us. The assessment centre will only be based on the information we send you and in order to ensure that you perform at your best, it’s really important that you take time to read through the information, and to spend time preparing, so that you feel confident on the day.

We are here to help at every opportunity and we want to support everyone who comes to one of our Assessment Centres. We will reimburse your travel expenses up to the first £50, so make sure you keep all of your original receipts so you can claim your money back.

Preparation before the day

We have created a video for you to watch which talks through everything to expect on the day and how to prepare. Watch the video below and get ready to plan your day:

Sometimes it is the simple things we all need help with. And to help understand what is expected on the day (or not expected in some cases), we have created a some Do’s and Don’ts for you



- read any material and look at any other hints and tips that are available

Read about Santander

- explore what we do, where we are headed and how our behaviours run through everything we do

Be yourself

- it is important that you feel you can be yourself. We strive to make all of our employees comfortable at being themselves


Be late!

- you want to make a good first impression


- getting to this stage you will have passed online tests and a video interview, so be confident in your ability.

Give Up

- if you feel that you haven’t done well on an exercise, remember there are other assessments in the day to show the real you

Our Programmes

What is the qualifying criteria for each programme?

Each type of scheme we run will have specific qualifying requirements. Please look at the programme specific details available on our Emerging Talent site to confirm if you are eligible.

What is an Apprenticeship and how does Santander support me?

Apprenticeships enable you to combine practical training in a job alongside gaining a qualification. You will be employed into a job, so will earn a wage as well as receiving other benefits and will have a structured development programme with support from experienced colleagues.

We have a range of Apprenticeship schemes from level two right through to degree level, ranging in length from 12 months through to over four years. You will have different learning approaches dependent on the scheme and will be supported throughout. We pride ourselves on developing our people, and have been lucky that this been recognised in the various awards we have won thanks to the great team and employees we have.

What level apprenticeship will I be on?

We offer apprenticeships at various levels from level two through to degree level - these can differ between business areas. Please refer to the job description of the specific role available here to find out more.

Am I guaranteed a job at the end of the scheme?

There will be lots of opportunities open to you once you've completed your scheme. We do offer a permanent job which is dependant on you achieving all your examinations and a successful performance rating whilst in role. We'll carefully explore all the different career options with you and of course, whatever happens, you`ll have the skills and experience that will help you realise your future career.

Offer and Starting at Santander

If I do not achieve the grades needed, will my offer still be valid?

Unfortunately not, our criteria is set to help you throughout the programme. If you are not accepted into a scheme, we welcome you to link in with our careers website to look at a different career paths within Santander.

Do you pay relocation expenses?

We appreciate that you really want to take up the opportunity with us and sometimes it involves you relocating away from where you live currently. It’s a big decision to make so we do look to offer relocation allowance which is payable when you start work. We can discuss this with you in more detail at the point of the offer, or have a chat with one of resourcing team if this is a concern.

Do I need to open a bank account with Santander UK?

If you are successful in your application, yes, we’ll help you set up an account, into which you’ll be paid once you start you future career with us.

What Benefits does Santander offer?

We have a wide range of tailored benefits and incentives, when you join us you can look forward to rewards designed just for you. Some which might appeal are: 

  • Employee discount site for Amazon, Ted Baker and John Lewis

  • Discounted travel through Kuoni, Expedia hotels, Virgin and Thomas Cook

  • Apple products – pay a fixed amount directly from your salary over 12 or 24 months for a new iPad, laptop or desktop

  • O2 Open discounts – get discounts off your Airtime on any o2 refresh tariff

The are loads more and you can find out about them here:

Equal opportunities

What if I need support during my application with Santander?

Just let us know if you need any additional help at any stage in the selection process. We are committed to meeting our responsibilities under the Equality Act (2010) and welcome applications from all interested candidates.

In the application form you will be asked if you have a disability and what kind of reasonable adjustments should be made for you. In case you need assistance before applying, please contact the Emerging Talent team at or +44 (0)203 967 1990.

I need permission to work in the UK – can Santander sponsor me?

We welcome applications from everyone. However we do have to comply with the home office immigration standards. In some circumstances, we will need to satisfy the Resident Labour Market Test. For further information please visit the UK Border Agency website

Getting in touch

If you have any queries or questions you can contact the team on or +44 (0)203 967 1990.

We are available during normal office hours 9am-5pm and outside of this we will get back you the following working day.

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