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Santander.  You probably know the name and what we do here. But just in case: we're one of the UK's leading banks, with 40 regional offices, around 800 branches and more than 15 million customers.
However, what really makes us who we are is our people, all 20,000 of us. And we're united in our belief in making things simple, personal and fair for our customers... and each other.

Diversity and mobility

Moving in the right direction

Whoever you are, wherever you're from and whatever your beliefs, you'll be welcome at Santander. Because we realise that diversity adds a richness and depth not only to our culture, but to our thinking too.

We're especially proud with the progress our Emerging Talent team is making in setting potential free, regardless of backgrounds. Thanks to their award-winning work and approach, we've climbed into the top 20 (of 75 UK employers) of the Social Mobility Employer Index. We were previously ranked 49 out of 50, so that's some jump. Of course, we'll continue to push forward, but it's great to see that our commitment in this area is being recognised.

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One of the ways we're making Santander inclusive is through our partnerships. By working with these organisations, we've gained recognition such as the Two Ticks accreditation (Positive about Disabled People) and the ENEI e-quality Gold Standard)


So how are we doing as an employer?

Pretty well, if these awards are anything to go by.

Parent and Carers

As a parent or advisor of a young person, you naturally want the best for them. So do we. And to show you how we plan on setting their potential free, we've created the following downloadable guide.

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